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Michigan is a state in the Great Lakes and Midwestern regions of the United States. The name Michigan is the French form of the Ojibwe word mishigamaa, meaning "large water" or "large lake". Michigan is the tenth most populous of the 50 United States, with the 11th most extensive total area (the largest state by total area east of the Mississippi River). Its capital is Lansing, and its largest city is Detroit.

   21/12/2016 30/03/2017 Monday, January 29, 2007. 2007 Michigan Heart Gallery. NOISE PhotoBlog's Jeremy Herliczek highlights one of our favorite programs, the Michigan Heart Gallery. This is the second year for the gallery which premiered at the State Capitol last week and will travel the state. Professional photographers donate their time to create these insightful portaits, that are also available online at Michigan Heart Gallery website. 23/10/2016 Founded in 1960, the MSU African Studies Center (ASC) is one of ten Title VI National Resource Centers on Africa designated by the U.S. Department of Education, based on the Center's research faculty providing broad research, teaching, and service on the continent. In addition to courses and seminars on Africa, the program offers instruction in a wide range of African languages. As a result of this African focus, MSU's largest programs of international research and project assistance are found in Africa and African Studies, comprising circa 80% of the MSU international totals. 23/10/2016 13/04/2017 Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan. ADW is a large searchable encyclopedia of the natural history of animals. Every day, thousands of classroom students and informal visitors use it to answer animal questions. Other sites specialize in local, endangered, or particular kinds of animals. We aim to be as comprehensive as possible. 17/07/2017 Aves, birds. Birds are vertebrates with feathers, modified for flight and for active metabolism. Birds are a monophyletic lineage, evolved once from a common ancestor, and all birds are related through that common origin. There are a few kinds of birds that don't fly, but their ancestors did, and these birds have secondarily lost the ability to fly. Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan. 13/04/2017 Eudyptes chrysocome. Rockhopper penguin. Rockhopper penguins measure about 55 centimeters in length and weigh around 2.5 kilograms. These birds stand upright on two short feet. Their legs are set far back on the body. The waterproof coat, composed of feathers that average 2.9 centimeters in length, is white on the underside and bluish-black on the top. The head has bright yellow plumage on the brow; the yellow feathers extend along the sides. The top of the head has spiked black feathers. The wings are strong, stiff, narrow and flipper-like. Rockhopper penguins have tiny eyes. 13/04/2017 Falco naumanni. Lesser kestrel. This small falcon has a length of 30-36 cm with long pointed wings. The long tail has a broad black terminal band. This falcon has strong sexual dimorphism in its plumage. Males have a chestnut back and a blue-grey crown, neck, rump, and tail. Their belly is a creamy pink with small brown streaks. The eye ring is bright yellow while the feet are an orange-yellow. The undersides of the wings are white with a black tip. Females have a brown back and head with a pale belly. Both the back and belly are streaked with brown. The wings are also light with dark barring and black tips. Juvenile lesser kestrels look similar to the females. 13/04/2017 Falco rufigularis. Bat falcon. Bat falcon adult males measure 24-29 cm (8-10 in.) in length with a wingspan of 56-58 cm (18-19 in.) females also range from 24-29 cm (8-10 in.) in length but have a larger wingspan, which ranges between 65 and 67 cm (21-22 in.) in length. The head and upper parts of their body are black, with grayish edging to contour the feathers from their upper back to tail coverts. Their throat and upper chest is white and tan extending to their neck. They have a long black tail with many fine white or gray stripes, and buff tip. The bat falcon has deep brown irises that may help camouflage while hunting at night. 13/04/2017 Fratercula arctica. Atlantic puffin. Sexes are alike--11 1/2 to 13 1/2 inches long with a wingspread of 21-24 inches. These puffins are short, stocky with upper parts black and undersides white. Their cheeks are white. They have large parrotlike, triangular shaped bills, which in the breeding season are bright orange with a yellow-bordered patch of blue at the rear half. After the breeding season, they lose some of their horny bill plates and molt as well. Winter plumage is similar but faces are largely dark. 13/04/2017 Fratercula cirrhata. Tufted puffin. Fratercula cirrhata is similar in size to crows, with an average length of 15 inches, and a 15 inch wingspan. Size varies a little from location to location: western Pacific animals tend to be a little larger than eastern ones. There is also a difference in size between the sexes as male birds tend to be slightly larger than females. In the winter, as puffins prepare for spring breeding, their colors become more decorative, presumably to attract mates. During this time they develop a brownish-black body, with some white feathers lining the underside of the wing, a white face and glossy, yellow plumes above and behind eye. 13/04/2017 Gavia pacifica. Pacific loon (Also: Pacific loon;diver). The Pacific Loon's head is black which extends down the back of its neck and back where there are some mottled white spots. On its underside the color is white extending from its bill to its belly. Its average length is 66 cm. 21/08/2017 Gavia stellata. Red-throated diver (Also: red-throated loon). The red-throated loon is the smallest, slightest of the divers. It stands at 53-69 cm., and its wingspan ranges from 106-116 cm. During the breeding season, the upper body is a solid dark brown. The head and upper neck is grayish, with a large, glossy colored patch on the foreneck. It is white underneath and the tail is dark. In the winter, the face and foreneck are pure white, and the upper part is dark brownish and finely spotted with white. 21/08/2017 Geococcyx californianus. Greater roadrunner. The head, neck, back, and wings of greater roadrunners are dark brown-black and heavily streaked with white, while the breast is mostly white. The eyes are bright yellow and there is a postocular streak of bare blue and red skin. A particularly notable feature is the crest of black feathers, which is raised or lowered at will. Overall, the body has a streamlined appearance, with a long tail that may be carried at an upward angle. 21/08/2017 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos. American white pelican. American white pelicans are large, white pelicans, there are no similar species in North America. Their primary and outer secondary feathers are black, their bill and gular pouch are flesh colored or yellow, and their legs are pale yellow to bright orange. Both males and females develop a flattened protuberance on the upper bill during breeding season, which is shed at the end of breeding. American white pelicans are from 127 to 165 cm in length. 29/07/2017 Since 2004, Arising Images has been creating breathtaking images for metro Detroit’s weddings, high school seniors, families, businesses, maternity and newborns. Using photography as an artistic medium, Arising Images specializes in transforming photos into family heirlooms and high-quality photographic artwork. Our photographers are highly experienced and we take customer service seriously. Not only will we deliver beautiful images, but we will create an amazing experience for you. Our team is well trained and can accommodate any of your photography needs. 16/05/2017 Avian Tendencies. Birding, listing, and digiscoping in Kent Co., Michigan and beyond. 31/03/2017 04/06/2017 Cherry Capital Foods is a unique food distributor based in Traverse City, Michigan. We work with farmers, growers and producers both locally and regionally but only from the state of Michigan. By focusing on local and Michigan sources, we encourage the growing focus on regional foodsheds as well as support the Michigan economy and environment. We keep duplicate trucks off the road and create efficiencies for our food providers and our customers. One refrigerated truck, one delivery, one invoice – multiple, independent food sources. 04/06/2017 Earthy Delights is America’s premier supplier of specialty foods to quality conscious American Chefs. We pioneered the use of overnight delivery to get fresh produce from the farm to the kitchen in the shortest time possible. We are leaders in offering wild-harvested and hand-crafted foods from small harvesters and growers to a larger audience. Now we are bringing this same selection of fine products to the adventurous home chef, using the power of the internet. 04/06/2017 Mushrooms. The Earthy Delights Recipe Blog. 13/05/2016 The Multi-Dimensional Human Embryo is a collaboration funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to produce and make available over the internet a three-dimensional image reference of the human embryo based on magnetic resonance imaging. The collection of images is intended to serve students, researchers, clinicians, and the general public interested in studying and teaching human development. 08/04/2017 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 07/06/2017 25/09/2016 04/03/2017 12/09/2016 LibGuides at Northwestern Michigan College. 09/08/2016 UMDL Texts is the central access point for electronic books and journals provided by the University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service. Some collections at this site are restricted to use by authorized users only (i.e., University faculty, staff, students, etc...). 126 collections serving 210.516 texts. 09/08/2016 The Text Creation Partnership is quickly arriving at a major milestone: starting January 1, 2015, all restrictions will be lifted from EEBO-TCP Phase I, which consists of the first 25,000 texts transcribed and encoded by the TCP from 2000-2009. These 25,000 (plus a few hundred) texts will be freely available to anyone wishing to use them, and there will no longer be any restrictions on sharing these files. 09/08/2016 GEFAME - "GE" represents the Wolof word "Geestu" (meaning research), "FA" represents the important Arabic loan-words into Swahili of "fasihi" (alt., "fasaha") (meaning literature) and "fahamu" (memory, consciousness), and "ME" represents the Tigrigna word "Mesnaiti" (meaning study). GEFAME (ISSN 1558-7274) is an online journal that promotes scholarly communication in the fields of African Studies. 09/08/2016 Harper's Weekly. A Journal of Civilization. Currently, this system contains the volume of Harper's Weekly for the year 1865. The remaining volumes will be added as they are digitized.* 22/05/2017;page=browse 22/05/2017 11/08/2016 Bible: King James Version. 11/08/2016 Browse the Bible: Select individual books. 11/08/2016 This is an electronic version of The Holy Qur'an, translated by M.H. Shakir and published by Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, Inc., in 1983. The text was provided by the Online Book Initiative and subsequently marked up at the HTI in SGML. 15/12/2016 Making of America (MoA) is a digital library of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. The collection is particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. The collection currently contains approximately 10,000 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints. For more details about the project, see About MoA. Making of America is made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.* 22/05/2016 18/10/2016 25/09/2016 04/06/2017 Institute for Sustainable Foraging. Standards & Practices for Harvesting. The Institute was established to create best standards and practices and conduct research regarding the sustainable harvesting of foraged foods such as ramps, edible mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns and other forest products. The Institute for Sustainable Foraging was established in response to these growing concerns. We have endeavored to combine the best available science with the deepest field experience and observations in order to create a “Certified Sustainably Foraged” program. This program allows consumers and foragers alike who have an interest in the conservation of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) to build a culture of responsible use with the legacy of these unique and storied foods at its heart. 07/06/2017 04/06/2017 Fiddleheads, Morel Mushrooms, Ramps & Wild Leeks, Chanterelle Mushrooms - Wild Harvest Recipes. Wild Harvest celebrates wild-harvested, traditional and artisanal foods and recipes. 04/06/2017 RECIPES. Wild Harvest. Some of Our Favorite Wild Harvest Recipes Quick Marinated Fiddleheads Steamed Fiddleheads With Wild Leek Greens Spring Wild Harvest. 05/07/2016 21/12/2016 29/05/2017 02/11/2016 02/11/2016 01/08/2016 The mission of the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) is to build up the church by making classic Christian literature widely available and promoting its use for edification and study by interested Christians, seekers and scholars. The CCEL accomplishes this by selecting, collecting, distributing, and promoting valuable literature through the World Wide Web and other media. 01/08/2016 World Wide Study Bible. The Study Bible developed and located around the world!. Alive again! For the last couple of years, the wwsb was "static"—no longer connected to a live database. We couldn't fix bad links, add new links, etc. In the process of redesigning the CCEL we rebuilt the WWSB, and now it's connected to the database again. We deleted bad links and added a whole host of new links to CCEL content. 08/07/2016 The English chemist and physicist Henry Cavendish, b. Oct. 10, 1731, d. Feb. 24, 1810, was the first to recognize hydrogen gas as a distinct substance. He also described the composition of water and made the first accurate measurement of the density of the Earth. Cavendish attended Cambridge University from 1749 to 1753, but left without a degree. After touring Europe with his brother, he lived frugally in London, even after an inheritance made him one of the wealthiest men in England. 14/09/2016 Creative Many is a statewide organization that develops creative people, creative places and the creative economy for a competitive Michigan through research, advocacy, professional practice and communications. We are passionate in our commitment to advance the arts, culture and creative industries as essential contributing forces in our state’s economy, the vitality of our communities, the education of our children, and the prosperity of Michigan’s people. 11/05/2017 The DIA has been a beacon of culture for the Detroit area for well over a century. Founded in 1885, the museum was originally located on Jefferson Avenue, but, due to its rapidly expanding collection, moved to a larger site on Woodward Avenue in 1927. The new Beaux-Arts building, designed by Paul Cret, was immediately referred to as the "temple of art." Two wings were added in the 1960s and 1970s, and a major renovation and expansion that began in 1999 was completed in 2007. 11/05/2017 11/05/2017 11/05/2017 04/06/2017 Earthy Delights has been America's premier supplier of specialty foods to quality conscious American chefs and retailers for 30 years. Earthy Delights pioneered the use of overnight delivery to get fresh produce from the farm to the kitchen in the shortest time possible, becoming leaders in bringing wild-harvested and handcrafted foods from small harvesters and growers to a larger audience. Earthy Delights specializes in wild mushrooms and other seasonal wild-harvested items, fresh specialty produce, artisanally produced cheese, aged balsamic vinegar, exotic spices and hard-to find ingredients to both the professional chef and the cooking enthusiast. 04/12/2016 12/04/2016 20/04/2017 25/09/2016 15/04/2016 15/04/2016 15/04/2016 22/05/2017 16/04/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016,4726,7-282-61080_62660---,00.html 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016,1607,7-192-29701_29702_30045---,00.html 25/09/2016,4669,7-192-29701---,00.html 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 25/09/2016 12/09/2016 The Mission of the Mark & Helen Osterlin Library is to provide timely access to recorded information; to meet the needs of the curricular and service programs of the college; to teach library and information skills for lifelong learning; to stimulate and support the faculty in improving teaching and learning; and, insofar as possible, to share resources with those outside the college. Northwestern Michigan College. 18/03/2017 11/01/2017 NSF. La Organización Para La Salud y Seguridad Pública. NSF Online es un portal de gestión seguro basado en la red que permite a los clientes gestionar sus auditorías, informes de análisis, acciones correctivas y la información de sus cuentas a la vez que ofrece valiosa información comercial y datos de análisis de tendencias. Fundada en 1944, nuestra misión es proteger y mejorar la salud humana en todo el mundo. Elaboramos estándares y certificaciones de salud pública que ayudan a proteger los alimentos, el agua, productos de consumo y el medioambiente. Como organización independiente y acreditada, evaluamos, auditamos y certificamos productos y sistemas, además de proporcionar capacitación y gestión de riesgos. 07/02/2017 The Physics Astronomy department moved in 2002 into the new Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building, the largest academic building on the campus of Michigan State University. Designed as the centerpiece of the emerging scientific complex at the heart of the campus, this new facility is connected to the Biochemistry and Chemistry buildings by walkways at several levels. These architectural connections symbolize the extensive cross-disciplinary contacts and expanded cooperation that this new building encourages. Michigan State University, one of the oldest land-grant colleges, was founded in 1855 for the purpose of furthering the interests of agriculture and the mechanic arts. 22/05/2016 22/05/2017 20/08/2017 21/10/2016 27/03/2017 WoodSong Nature Photography. Nature Photography and Fine Artwork by Cynthia Mead.

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Idaho is a state in the northwestern region of the United States. It borders the state of Montana to the east and northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada and Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to the west. To the north, it shares a small portion of the Canadian border with the province of British Columbia. With a population of around 1.6 million and an area of 83,569 square miles (216,440 km2), Idaho is the 14th largest, the 39th most populous and the 7th least densely populated of the 50 U.S. states. The state's capital and largest city is Boise.

   21/08/2017 20/06/2016 01/04/2016 01/04/2016 01/04/2016 01/04/2016 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 06/10/2016 06/10/2016 Overview of Randall Holmes's Home Page. There is a section of personal data (with random links), (or you can see my curriculum vita curriculum vita (with publication list), a section on my theoretical research in Quine's "New Foundations" and related systems. 06/10/2016 New Foundations home page. The subject of the home page which is developing here is the set theory "New Foundations", first introduced by W. V. O. Quine in 1937. This is a refinement of Russell's theory of types based on the observation that the types in Russell's theory look the same, as far as one can apparently prove. This page is (permanently) under construction by Randall Holmes. 21/08/2017 Mauritius Kestrel. For a time in the 1970s, the Mauritius Kestrel was the most endangered bird of prey in the world – with only four known individuals remaining in the wild. The restoration of the Mauritius Kestrel from the brink of extinction in the 1970s to around 800 individuals today is one of the greatest conservation successes in history. Unlike the Common Kestrel of the Old World and the American Kestrel of the New World, there is no difference in coloration between the male and female Mauritius Kestrel. 27/05/2017 Welcome RadiX Powersports Team! You are part of it. RadiX snowbiking is an adiction. It is a Family. Our purpose is to create FUN! Why else would we do what we are doing? Hopefully, every one of you love what you do. If not, join the list of "Anyones" that bang their head against the job wall. We choose to have a blast at our job and make smiles in a way that no one else can. How do we make smiles? By creating a product that nobody can compete with. By providing a tool to take you on the best winter adventure you can dream of. 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 28/02/2017 03/02/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 12/04/2016 The Global Leader in Enterprise Brand Protection. In the digital world, brands face new risks due to the web's anonymity, global reach and shifting consumption patterns for digital content, goods and services. As the global leader in online brand protection, MarkMonitor®, part of Thomson Reuters, provides advanced technology and expertise that protects the revenues and reputations of the world's foremost brands. Customers choose MarkMonitor to preserve their marketing investments, revenues and customer trust based on the company's unique combination of industry-leading expertise, unrivaled methodologies and extensive industry relationships 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 06/07/2017 15/09/2016 The Peregrine Fund was founded in 1970 to restore the Peregrine Falcon, which was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List in 1999. That success encouraged the organization to expand its focus and apply its experience and understanding to raptor conservation efforts on behalf of more than 100 species in 65 countries worldwide, including the California Condor and Aplomado Falcon in the United States. 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 21/08/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017

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Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a state located in the South Atlantic region of the United States. The capital of the Commonwealth is Richmond; Virginia Beach is the most populous city, and Fairfax County is the most populous political subdivision. The Commonwealth's estimated population as of 2014 is over 8.3 million.

   17/10/2016 02/10/2016 05/05/2016 02/10/2016 12/07/2016 05/05/2016 24/05/2016 05/03/2017 21/05/2016 Roy Rosenzweig. Center for History and New Media. We use digital media and computer technology to democratize history: to incorporate multiple voices, reach diverse audiences, and encourage popular participation in presenting and preserving the past. Since 1994—under the founding direction of Roy Rosenzweig—we have worked to create software and websites that are freely available to the public. 28/07/2017 The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities to create Making the History of 1989. Few images from the second half of the twentieth century endure as vividly as the jubilant crowds atop the Berlin Wall in 1989, seemingly tearing down the Cold War with their hammers, hands, and hopes. Just as memorable was the sight of hundreds of thousands of people filling Wenceslaus Square in Prague, chanting “Truth Will Prevail” as the communist regime crumbled before their eyes. These joyful images compete in popular memory with equally powerful but horrific scenes: the Romanian President, Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife executed on live television on Christmas morning, or emaciated Bosnians peering out from behind prison camp wire following the outbreak of civil war in Yugoslavia. 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 28/07/2017 From Hogan's Alley to Coconino County: Four Narratives of the Early Comic Strip by David Westbrook. This essay concerns itself with the turn-of-the-century American newspaper comic strip. I say "essay" in the singular in spite of the fact that no single overarching thesis unifies the article's three sections. Each of these three sections, or "threads," approaches the subject matter from a different direction and defends a distinct analysis. But because none of the threads can stand alone I think of them as a bundle--as an essay in the singular. Each depends on concepts and observations built up in the other threads. I have chosen this tripartheid structure because it takes advantage of some of the exciting possibilities opened for writing by the new medium of hypertext, because it is appropriate to the methods of cultural studies, and because it mirrors the structure of the newspaper comics page with its parallel storylines. 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 03/05/2014 The Early Cinema. These films from the Paperprint Collection, Motion Picture and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress. From a videotape copy, these were converted into QuickTime movies. Then converted into "gif animations". With a campus connection, they should run reasonably quickly. 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 12/12/2016 The Birth of a Nation and Black Protest. “Art [and History] by Lightning Flash”: The Birth of a Nation and Black Protest. The racism that African Americans experienced in both the South and the North during the war years could be glimpsed in many arenas of American life, including the movies. It is not surprising, perhaps, that The Birth of a Nation, which appeared in March 1915, was both one of the landmarks in the history of American cinema and a landmark in American racism. 11/01/2014 02/05/2014 This site tells the story of the Washington Metro, a 103-mile rapid transit system serving Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia. Planning for Metro began in the 1950s, construction began in 1969, and the first segment opened for operation in 1976. Metro is one of the largest public-works projects ever built, and it is the second-busiest rail transit system in the United States. 12/12/2016 DC Area Technology & Humanities Forum returns December 5th. Thursday, November 9th, 2006. This fall’s Washington DC Area Forum on Technology and the Humanities focuses on the opportunities and challenges presented by Web 2.0 technologies for digital humanists. Speakers will include Bryan Alexander on “Web 2.0 and Digital Humanists,” Dan Cohen on “Zotero and the Next Generation of Scholarly Research,” and Eddie Maloney on “When is an ePortfolio not an ePortfolio? Georgetown University’s Digital Notebook project.” 11/01/2014 21/05/2016 Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution, With 12 Topical Essays, 250 Images, 350 Text Documents, 13 Songs, 13 Maps, a Timeline, and a Glossary. 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 21/07/2014 Center for History and New Media. Tools. H-Bot. 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 08/05/2016 Maps. Joni Seager is professor of Geography at University of Vermont. The Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation to create World History Sources. World History teachers face many challenges to incorporating primary sources in their teaching—the pressures of coverage in survey courses, the lack of available materials, and inadequate training in dealing with unfamiliar sources from a range of cultures. 11/01/2014 05/05/2016 28/09/2016 05/05/2016 05/05/2016 05/11/2016 The U.S. Board on Geographic Names is a Federal body created in 1890 and established in its present form by Public Law in 1947 to maintain uniform geographic name usage throughout the Federal Government. The Board comprises representatives of Federal agencies concerned with geographic information, population, ecology, and management of public lands. Sharing its responsibilities with the Secretary of the Interior, the Board promulgates official geographic feature names with locative attributes as well as principles, policies, and procedures governing the use of domestic names, foreign names, Antarctic names, and undersea feature names. 05/05/2016 15/04/2016 International Association of Military Flight Surgeon-Pilots (IAMFSP). 04/05/2017 05/05/2016 28/09/2016 14/04/2017 05/04/2016 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 22/04/2016 15/04/2017 15/04/2017 15/04/2017 06/09/2016 The Army Quartermaster Foundation, Inc. is organized and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization. The Foundation exists to support the U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum at Fort Lee, VA in it’s educational mission. 09/06/2016 SCRIPOPHILY, the collecting of canceled old stocks and bonds, gained recognition as a hobby around the mid-1970s. The word resulted combining words from English and Greek. The word "scrip" represents an ownership right and the word "philos" means to love. Today there are thousands of collectors worldwide in search of scarce, rare, and popular stocks and bonds. 05/03/2017 05/03/2017 28/09/2016 13/08/2016 the University of Virginia. The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center. Hartford. UNCLE TOM'S CABIN AND AMERICAN CULTURE: A MULTI-MEDIA ARCHIVE, Directed by Stephen Railton. 07/07/2016 Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture. Usually the best place to enter is the BROWSE MODE, which gives you the most direct access to the story of Stowe's story as an American cultural phenomenon. If you're new to the site, the best place to start is probably the Timeline in the INTERPET MODE, which provides a quick overview of both that story and the various kinds of resources the archive contains. Throughout the site you'll have constant access to the SEARCH MODE. 03/07/2016 USGS: Volcano Hazards Program. The USGS Volcano Hazards Program (VHP) monitors and studies active and potentially active volcanoes, assesses their hazards, and conducts research on how volcanoes work in order for the USGS to issue "timely warnings" of potential volcanic hazards to emergency-management professionals and the public. 03/07/2016 The David A. Johnston Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO) is part of the USGS Volcano Hazards Program and serves the nation's interest by helping people live knowledgeably with volcanoes. The USGS CVO staff conduct research on many aspects of active volcanism, respond to dangerous volcanic activity in many parts of the world, and maintain a close watch over volcanoes in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 03/07/2016 U.S. Geological Survey. USGS: Volcano Hazards Program Glossary. 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 14/09/2016 20/09/2016 Alexandria Black History Museum. The mission of the Black History Museum is to enrich the lives of Alexandria's residents and visitors, to foster tolerance and understanding among all cultures and to stimulate appreciation of the diversity of the African American experience. The institutional complex is composed of the Museum, the Watson Reading Room, and the Alexandria African American Heritage Park. Alexandria Black History Museum is devoted to exhibiting local and regional history, incorporates the Robert H. Robinson Library as one of two exhibition galleries. 14/04/2016 Welcome to Historic Alexandria!. With more than 250 years of history and hospitality to its credit, Alexandria offers an array of historic and cultural attractions. Alexandria's many historic homes, churches, businesses and museums allow residents and visitors alike to experience the hand of the past that makes our city the charming and historic town it is today. Visit City of Alexandria museums and historic sites and discover our past, present and future!. 21/03/2017 Museums and Historic Sites. Many of the City's premier historic sites are owned and operated by the City of Alexandria and fall under the administration of the Office of Historic Alexandria, the department of City government charged with the conservation, interpretation and promotion of these links to the past. 20/04/2016 17/09/2016 17/09/2016 17/09/2016 17/09/2016 17/09/2016 03/03/2017 Beliefnet is a lifestyle site that serves as your number one resource for faith, belief and spirituality. Visit our site daily for inspirational quotes, prayers for strength and words of comfort and hope. The most comprehensive online resource for inspiration and spirituality. As the leading lifestyle site dedicated to faith and inspiration, Beliefnet helps people find and walk a spiritual path that instills comfort, hope, strength and happiness. It is through this discovery that our readers are empowered to live a more meaningful life. 03/03/2017 Dios es bueno. Beliefnet is a lifestyle site that serves as your number one resource for faith, belief and spirituality. Visit our site daily for inspirational quotes, prayers for strength and words of comfort and hope. 11/04/2016 11/04/2016 11/05/2017 American Diabetes Association®. Our Mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. The moving force behind the work of the Association is a network of more than one million volunteers, a membership of more than 500,000 people with diabetes, their families and caregivers, a professional society of nearly 14,000 health care professionals, as well as more than 800 staff members. 11/05/2017 American Diabetes Association®. Nuestra misión: Prevenir y curar la diabetes y mejorar la vida de todas las personas afectadas por la enfermedad. Encabezamos la lucha contra las consecuencias mortales de la diabetes y luchamos por aquellos afectados por la diabetes. Financiamos investigaciones para prevenir, curar y conrolar la diabetes. Ofrecemos servicios a cientos de comunidades. Ofrecemos información objetiva y creíble. Le damos voz a aquellos que han sido privados de sus derechos por tener diabetes. 12/10/2016 06/04/2016 Encyclopedia Virginia (EV) is an authoritative and user-friendly resource on the history and culture of Virginia. A project of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH) in partnership with the Library of Virginia, EV publishes topical and biographical entries written by scholars, edited to be accessible to a general audience, and vigorously fact checked. Entries are accompanied by primary documents and media objects, including images, audio and visual clips, and links to Google Street View tours of historic sites. Content creation is a work in progress, with new entries published regularly. 11/01/2015 The American Civil War was fought from 1861 until 1865. It began after Virginia and ten other states in the southern United States seceded from the Union following the election of Abraham Lincoln as U.S. president in 1860. Worried that Lincoln would interfere with slavery and citing states' rights as a justification, Southern leaders established the Confederate States of America with Jefferson Davis as its president and Richmond as its capital. After Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, South Carolina, the war moved to Virginia. Union forces made several failed attempts to capture Richmond, and Confederate general Robert E. Lee twice invaded the North, only to be defeated in battle. Most, but not all, Virginians supported the Confederacy. In 1863, Unionists in the western part of the state established West Virginia. On the home front, both white and African American families suffered food shortages or were forced to flee their homes. 04/09/2016 Anaconda Plan. Contributed by Brendan Wolfe. The Anaconda Plan was the nickname attached to Lieutenant General Winfield Scott's comprehensive plan to defeat the Confederacy at the start of the American Civil War (1861–1865). Scott called for a strong defense of Washington, D.C., a blockade of the Confederacy's Atlantic and Gulf coasts, and a massive land and naval attack along the Mississippi River aimed at cutting the Confederacy in two. 04/09/2016 G. T. Beauregard (1818–1893). Contributed by Drury Wellford. G. T. Beauregard (also known as Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard) was a Confederate general during the American Civil War (1861–1865) and, after helping engineer victory at the First Battle of Manassas on July 21, 1861, one of the Confederacy's first war heroes. 21/03/2015 Centreville is an unincorporated community in Fairfax County, Virginia, settled by the English in the 1720s. During the American Civil War (1861–1865), its elevated topography and its proximity to Washington, D.C., made Centreville attractive to both the Union and Confederate armies. So, too, did the junction of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad with the Manassas Gap line, a few miles to the southwest, which allowed the village to be used as a supply depot throughout the war. The First Battle of Manassas (1861) and the Second Battle of Manassas (1862) were fought nearby, and the Confederate partisan John S. Mosby used the village as a base during the war. 12/10/2016 Confederate Battle Flag. Contributed by Thomas G. Clemens. he Confederate battle flag, initially authorized for units of the Confederate armed forces during the American Civil War (1861–1865), has become one of the most recognized, misunderstood, and controversial symbols in American history. Originally designed as a Confederate national flag by William Porcher Miles of South Carolina, it was rejected by the Confederate Congress but subsequently adopted by the Confederate army, which needed a banner that was easily distinguishable from the United States flag. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 Danville Civil Rights Demonstrations of 1963. Contributed by Emma C. Edmunds. The Danville civil rights demonstrations began peacefully late in May 1963 when local civil rights leaders organized demonstrations, sit-ins, and marches to protest segregation in all spheres, but especially in municipal government, employment, and public facilities. As protests accelerated, however, white authorities responded early in June with tough legal stratagems and violence, attacking demonstrators with clubs and fire hoses. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 25/10/2016 Jefferson Davis (1808–1889). Contributed by Ethan S. Rafuse. Jefferson Davis was a celebrated veteran of the Mexican War (1846–1848), a U.S. senator from Mississippi (1847–1851; 1857–1861), secretary of war under U.S. president Franklin Pierce (1853–1857), and the only president of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Tall, lean, and formal, Davis was considered to be an ideal leader of the Confederacy upon his election in 1861, despite the fact that he neither sought the job nor particularly wanted it. 12/10/2016 Jubal A. Early (1816–1894). Contributed by J. Tracy Power. Jubal A. Early was a lawyer, a politician, and a Confederate general in the Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War (1861–1865). An excellent brigade and division commander, he was quick and aggressive on the offensive and steady and tough on the defensive. While, at times, he was outstanding in independent command or temporary corps command, especially at Chancellorsville (1863), he was less successful leading the Army of the Valley during the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson (1824–1863). Contributed by William Garrett Piston. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was a West Point graduate, veteran of the Mexican War (1846–1848), instructor at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, and Confederate general under Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War (1861–1865). One of Lee's ablest commanders, Jackson earned his famous nickname during the First Battle of Manassas in 1861 when a fellow general is said to have cried out, "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!" Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 Joseph E. Johnston (1807–1891). Contributed by John L. Bell Jr. and Brendan Wolfe. Joseph E. Johnston was a veteran of the Mexican War (1846–1848), quartermaster general of the United States Army, a Confederate general during the American Civil War (1861–1865), a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1879–1881), and a U.S. railroad commissioner in the first administration of U.S. president Grover Cleveland (1885–1889). Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 James Longstreet (1821–1904). Contributed by William Garrett Piston. James Longstreet was a Confederate General who served as Robert E. Lee's second-in-command for most of Lee's tenure as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Longstreet fought in many of the most important battles of the conflict and ended the war as a respected figure. Lee affectionately called him "my old war horse," while his soldiers nicknamed him "the old bulldog" and "the bull of the woods." Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 First Battle of Manassas. Contributed by Peter Luebke. The First Battle of Manassas, or Bull Run, fought on July 21, 1861, was the first major battle of the American Civil War (1861–1865). United States president Abraham Lincoln—under pressure from the public that urged the army "On to Richmond!"—went against the advice of his aging general-in-chief Winfield Scott and ordered an attack. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 Manassas Gap Railroad during the Civil War. Contributed by Michael P. Gray. The Manassas Gap Railroad was chartered in 1849 and served as a short but crucial line for both Confederate and Union forces during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Although it had just seventy-seven miles of track, the railroad also connected points near the United States capital to the Shenandoah Valley, which made the line strategically important. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 George B. McClellan (1826–1885). Contributed by Tom Clemens. George B. McClellan was a major general in the Union army during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Styled the "Young Napoleon" by the press, his battlefield successes and failures were eclipsed by controversies that arose between him and his superiors, especially U.S. president Abraham Lincoln. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 12/10/2016 Irvin McDowell (1818–1885). Contributed by Edward Longacre. Irvin McDowell was a Union general during the American Civil War (1861–1865). He commanded the army that was defeated at the First Battle of Manassas on July 21, 1861, the first large land battle of the conflict. Born in Columbus, Ohio, McDowell attended West Point and earned a brevet rank for gallantry at the Battle of Buena Vista (1847) during the Mexican War (1846–1848). Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. 01/04/2015 Military Organization and Rank During the Civil War. The Union and Confederate armies employed similar systems of organization and rank during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Regiments were generally numbered and named for the state in which they were organized and from which most of their soldiers hailed (for example, 1st Virginia Infantry Regiment). Confederate brigades and divisions were generally named for their commanders, past or present (for example, the Stonewall Brigade), which often created confusing circumstances. During Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg (1863), Pickett's division was commanded by George E. Pickett. But Heth's division, named for Henry Heth who was wounded on the first day of the battle, was commanded by J. Johnston Pettigrew, and Pender's division by Isaac R. Trimble. Confederate general A. P. Hill's Light Division, meanwhile, was actually the Army of Northern Virginia's largest division, with seven brigades. 01/04/2015 01/04/2015 01/04/2015 02/04/2017 J. E. B. Stuart (1833–1864). Contributed by Thomas W. Cutrer. J. E. B. Stuart, popularly known by his nickname "Jeb," was the chief of cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War (1861–1865). A Regular Army veteran who participated in the capture of John Brown at Harpers Ferry in 1859, Stuart fought well at the First Battle of Manassas (1861) but became a Confederate hero the following summer when he led 1,200 troopers in a famous ride around Union general George B. McClellan's Army of the Potomac. In particular, he was praised for his ability to gather intelligence and act as Robert E. Lee's "eyes and ears," leading a second long ride later that year. 29/12/2014 Approximately 155,000 Virginia men served in Confederate forces during the American Civil War (1861–1865). Another 32,000 served in Union forces; most of these came from the counties that today comprise the state of West Virginia, while a number of West Virginia troops were recruited from the neighboring states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The total number of men eligible for military service in the state was 224,000. 08/12/2016 THE NEOCONSERVATIVE OBSESSION WITH IRAN by Sheldon Richman, May 14, 2014. Americans could be enjoying cultural and commercial relations with Iranians were it not for U.S. “leaders,” who are more aptly described as misleaders. Because of institutional, geopolitical, and economic reasons, Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton were not about to let that happen. They thought America needed an enemy, and Iran filled the bill. 13/04/2016 06/07/2017 10/12/2016 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 10/05/2016 The Internet Society was formed in 1992 by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, two of the “Fathers of the Internet”. The Internet Society’s history and values reflect this founding lineage. Among its leadership and membership one can find many of the Internet’s technical pioneers, innovators, and global connectors. Its mission—to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world—mirrors the guiding principles that gave rise to and enabled the propagation of our era’s defining technology. 10/05/2016 The Internet Society is pleased to introduce the Internet Measurement Project, in order to determine the impact of technical, policy, and development efforts on the Internet, and the broader impact of the Internet on the economy. This Project provides a unique set of links to a variety of our own and third-party data sources and reports. 11/06/2016 11/06/2016 11/06/2016 11/06/2016 11/06/2016 25/03/2016 25/03/2016 15/10/2016 15/10/2016 25/03/2016 25/03/2016 13/04/2017 26/09/2016 26/09/2016 20/09/2016 20/04/2016 20/12/2016 The Philosophers’ Magazine is an independent quarterly, founded by Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom in 1997. We’re devoted to publishing philosophy that’s clear, enlightening, and thought-provoking. Our contributors are mainly professional philosophers who care about good writing and about being understood. You’ll find philosophers of international standing in our pages. Recent contributors include Simon Blackburn, Mary Midgley, Peter Unger, Ernest Lepore, Havi Carel, Holmes Rolston III, Nicholas Rescher, Annette Baier, Ernest Sosa, Duncan Pritchard, Sarah Bakewell, Stephen Stich, Jennifer Saul, Paul Snowdon, Simon Critchley, Barry Stroud, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, David Papineau, Helen Beebee, and Ray Monk. The likes of Kwame Anthony Appiah, Ronald Dworkin, Martha Nussbaum, Peter Hacker, Kit Fine, Elliott Sober, Frank Jackson, Patricia Churchland, Richard Sorabji, David Chalmers and Christine Korsgaard have joined us for interviews. 28/09/2016 18/08/2016 23/04/2016 28/09/2016 18/08/2016 21/08/2017 17/04/2017 06/07/2017 05/05/2016 27/07/2017 USA TODAY is a multi-platform news and information media company. Founded in 1982, its mission is to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the USA truly one nation. USA TODAY was launched on September 15, 1982. 03/07/2016 U.S. Geological Survey. Created by an act of Congress in 1879, USGS has evolved over the ensuing 125 years, matching its talent and knowledge to the progress of science and technology. USGS is the sole science agency for the Department of the Interior. It is sought out by thousands of partners and customers for its natural science expertise and its vast earth and biological data holdings. 20/03/2017 05/05/2016 05/05/2016 05/05/2016 19/04/2017 05/05/2016 06/07/2017 World is the only American news outlet that focuses on international news and geopolitics. That said, World champions the competitive spirit of the American Free Press and publishes exclusive reports and commentary on U.S. politics and culture as well. World is based in Northern Virginia near Washington, D.C., a few hundred yards “outside-the-Beltway”. 06/07/2017 Wright Experience™ Method and Objectives. A Legacy Lost: A little more than 100 years ago, Orville and Wilbur Wright set out to solve the problems of flight. Their methodical experimentation with kites and gliders evolved into one of mankind’s greatest inventions — powered aircraft. Unfortunately, there is little documentation of the journey of invention and discovery that resulted in this incredible accomplishment. In 1899, when the Wright Brothers began their quest, the world was light years away from a practical solution to flight. 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017 06/07/2017

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California is the most populous state in the United States. California contains the nation's most populous county, Los Angeles County, and its seat, Los Angeles. "L.A." is the country's second largest city and is situated in Southern California. The city of Sacramento, located in Northern California, has been the state capital since 1854.

   09/07/2016 Once You Know, You Can't UnKnow. My full name is Amelia, but my good friends and family call me Lia. I guess you can, too. I live in the LA area and am a junior in high school. I am bisexual and cis. She/her, please. I have a very wide range in taste of music; I mostly listen to r&b and alternative/indie. My favorite artists in r&b are probably Drake and The Weeknd; alternative has got to be Alt-J and The Black Keys. I love sad music; I don’t enjoy feeling sad. 19/04/2017 07/05/2017 36 pages. Craig Frazier is an illustrator who has enjoyed a distinguished career as a graphic designer since 1978. In 1996, he shifted his emphasis from graphic design to illustration. As a designer, Craig has received numerous awards and has been recognized internationally for his work. His design is in the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Craig’s experience as a designer and communicator has contributed to his simple and conceptual style of illustration. Today, he is commissioned by national and international design firms, advertising agencies, and publications to create corporate and editorial illustrations. 03/04/2017 19/04/2017 Stanford's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics prepares students for professional positions in industry, government and academia through a comprehensive program of graduate teaching and research. In this broad program, students have the opportunity to learn and integrate multiple engineering disciplines. The program emphasizes structural, aerodynamic, propulsion and guidance and control problems of aircraft and spacecraft. 26/02/2017 20/12/2016 03/04/2017 21/03/2017 17/02/2017 The mission of the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (WCAHS) is to improve the health and safety of farmers, farmworkers, and their families in Western agriculture. WCAHS is a multidisciplinary research center that supports the prevention of illness and injury in Western agriculture. Located at the University of California, Davis, WCAHS is one of 10 agricultural health and safety centers in the US established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to protect the health and safety of farmers, farmworkers and consumers. 03/04/2017 21/12/2016 19/04/2016 Phil Konstantin's 2003 Vacation Through Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana. 19/04/2016 2006 Native American Student Alliance Powwow at San Diego State University. 19/04/2016 Articles Written by Phil Konstantin. I have written over 100 newspaper and magazine articles. 19/04/2016 Phil Konstantin's 2004 Vacation Through Washington, D.C., feathuring the National Museum of the American Indian. 03/04/2017 01/05/2017 Discovery of Early Hominins. The immediate ancestors of humans were members of the genus Australopithecus. The australopithecines (or australopiths) were intermediate between apes and people. Both australopithecines and humans are biologically similar enough to be classified as members of the same biological tribe--the Hominini. All people, past and present, along with the australopithecines are hominins. We share in common not only the fact that we evolved from the same ape ancestors in Africa but that both genera are habitually bipedal, or two-footed, upright walkers. By comparison, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas are primarily quadrupedal, or four-footed. 15/09/2016 EARLY HOMININ EVOLUTION: A Survey of the Australopithecines and Related Genera. 10/05/2017 Anthropoetics, founded in 1995 as UCLA’s first Open Access journal, is devoted to Generative Anthropology, which studies the works of human culture on the hypothesis that language, religion, art, and all things specifically human can be traced to a unique scene of origin. The Chronicles of Love & Resentment have been available since 1995 and number well over 500. 23/10/2016 30/03/2017 23/06/2016 Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. 23/06/2016 First deployed in 2006, Archive-It is a subscription web archiving service from the Internet Archive that helps organizations to harvest, build, and preserve collections of digital content. Through our user friendly web application Archive-It partners can collect, catalog, and manage their collections of archived content with 24/7 access and full text search available for their use as well as their patrons. Content is hosted and stored at the Internet Archive data centers. 31/05/2017 Roxane Gilbert fine art, painting. After moving to New York to study painting at the Art Students League, I took in Willem, an adolescent Samoyed that my neighbor left behind when she moved to London. He had a crush on an Afghan puppy that we used to see on our walks along West End Avenue, and he loved chasing squirrels in Riverside Park. With California in my sights, I reluctantly found a home for Willem in the Adirondack Mountains. He had lots of acres to play on, big white Great Pyrenees dogs on the neighboring farms, and a young family for companionship. It was hard to leave him, but he was happy. 21/03/2017 Mark Vallen's ART FOR A CHANGE! Artist Mark Vallen's gallery of socially conscious artworks. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1953, Mark Vallen has been creating images for as long as he can remember. He has forged a style shaped not so much by how others painted, but what they painted. With a firm commitment to social realism, his influences range from Goya and Daumier, to the German Expressionists and Mexican Muralists. 24/08/2016 Cliff Wassmann Fine Arts Laguna Beach Art Studio, Art Festival schedule. Painter and photographer Cliff Wassmann, features his photography and oil paintings including official Star Wars conceptual pieces. 09/06/2017 06/06/2017 27/01/2017 Digital Scriptorium (DS) is a growing organization of institutional partners with collections of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. DS provides an online union catalog of these collections and thus unites scattered resources from many institutions into an international tool for teaching and scholarly research. As a digital image repository, the DS website allows users to verify with their own eyes descriptive metadata about places and dates of origin, scripts, artists, and decoration. Special emphasis is placed on identifying touchstone materials, such as manuscripts signed and dated by their scribes. DS records also include manuscripts that traditionally would have been unlikely candidates for exhibition or reproduction in print. 29/05/2017 29/05/2017 23/08/2016 29/05/2017 Bushmeat Project; Save the Great Apes; Chimps and Gorillas. The Bushmeat Project serves as a source of information and a facilitator of collaborative development in North America, equatorial Africa, and worldwide. Great apes -- gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos -- are being hunted to extinction for commercial bushmeat in the equatorial forests of west and central Africa. A ragged far flung army of a few thousand commercial bushmeat hunters supported by the timber industry infrastructure will illegally shoot and butcher more than two billion dollars worth of wildlife this year, including as many as 8,000 endangered great apes. 07/01/2017 22/12/2016 22/12/2016 23/08/2016 23/08/2016 23/08/2016 23/08/2016 23/08/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 20/06/2016 15/08/2016 Of two minds. Charles Hugh Smith. 04/06/2017 Welcome to Chez Us, a food blog that we cooked up in 2007 to document what we were cooking in a tiny 20 sq. ft kitchen in San Francisco. We had a tiny stove, a tiny cupboard and a tiny counter; urban cooking at it’s best! Chez Us was meant to be an inspiration that anyone could learn to cook, using minimal tools and space, and that the real star was the ingredients. 05/01/2017 Fernanda Guimarães Rosa, a tal de avental. Depois de mais de dez anos escrevendo nesse blog, cinco anos na minha cozinha vintage que me faz sentir uma Julia Child moderna, estou atualizando este espaço, deixando ele mais eficiente e moderno. Continuo uma cozinheira frugal, usando preferencialmente ingredientes orgânicos, locais e sazonais, tudo de extrema qualidade, inventando uma receitinha aqui, outra acolá. Nunca conseguirei ser mais organizada e menos atrapalhada, por mais que tente me modificar. Continuo muito avessa à receitas complicadas e cheias de passos e detalhes, mas quando estou no humor até arrisco numa ou outra aventura. 15/10/2016 California Civil War. California's part in the War of the Rebellion, circa 1861-1867. 31/05/2017 09/05/2016 19/03/2017 A web page by Don Roberson. I was born in 1952 in Lakeport, Lake Co., California, of middle class parents. My father, B.B. Roberson, met my mother Eleanor in 1948, just after World War II. My dad was just starting his medical practice and my mom was a singer in Hollywood. My mom, known as "Sally," sang with her three sisters in a group called The Lyttle Sisters. All four sisters married before 1950 (three of them married musicians) and started families. 19/03/2017 ASIAN BARBETS Megalaimidae. The Asian barbets are chunky, mostly mid-sized, often colorful, and vocal birds of the Oriental tropics. These barbets hard to see but easy to hear — their calls can dominate the aural landscape. 19/03/2017 TYRANT FLYCATCHERS Tyrannidae. With 400 tyrannids in 98 genera, the Tyrant Flycatchers are one of the largest bird families in the world. This is just a short overview. Tyrant Flycatchers are entirely New World birds ranging throughout most habitats in North and South America. 19/03/2017 The purpose of Bird Families of the World is as an aid to world birders who want to maximize their enjoyment of avian diversity by observing examples of as many bird families as is reasonable within the time and money available for travel, and as a study tool for all interested readers. This project began in 1999. DNA evidence has revised much of what was thought to be known about bird evolution and relationships. It has been the 'wild wild West' in recent years as new research was published but, perhaps, a greater degree of consensus is now being reached. 06/06/2017 CREDO Action organizes for progressive change. We mobilize our 5 million activists to speak out and pressure decision-makers from the local to the national level. From opposing war, to relentlessly defending reproductive freedom, protecting our environment and a healthy food system, fixing our broken democracy, fighting for an economy that works for everyone, and more, CREDO empowers activists to work for the change we want to see, not what we are told we can achieve by Washington insiders. CREDO Action is the activism arm of CREDO, a social change organization that offers products — like CREDO Mobile — in order to fund grassroots activism and progressive nonprofit organizations. 27/02/2017 27/02/2017 29/07/2017 13/03/2017 28/02/2017 28/02/2017 11/01/2017 The Dutch Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley was introduced as a permanent curriculum in the Department of German in autumn 1966. Because the Berkeley campus already had strong offerings in Dutch history, art history, and colonial studies, the introduction of Dutch language and literature was the final step in completing a rounded interdisciplinary curriculum in Dutch Studies. With the introduction of the Queen Beatrix Chair of Dutch Language, Literature & Culture in 1971, a degree Program in Dutch studies was launched, eventually leading to a Dutch Major. The first incumbent of the chair was Professor Johan Snapper, he was succeeded by Ernst van Alphen in 2004. Presently, Jeroen Dewulf holds the position. 28/12/2016 Anarchy Archives. The Cynosure. 08/05/2017 Afghanistan 1976-79. All pictures are copyrighted by Dana Ward and Julia Karet -- captions and narrative will be added shortly. 31/05/2017 31/05/2017 20/08/2017 20/08/2017 16/04/2017 21/08/2016 11/01/2017 Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories, Oakland Museum of California. On January 24, 1848 James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's Mill, touching off the California gold rush. On the 150th anniversary of Marshall's discovery, the Oakland Museum of California unveiled a series of exhibitions titled Gold Rush! California's Untold Stories. They are now closed at the Oakland Museum. 22/07/2016 05/03/2017 Film Threat began as a xeroxed fanzine started by Chris Gore and Andre Seewood in 1985. Only 500 copies of the first issue were printed and then distributed on the campus of Wayne State University on February 6th, 1985. It was on that campus that Gore and Seewood earned a reputation as disruptors by playing pranks on the film department and even going so far as to fake Gore’s death to promote a film screening. Seewood left after a year and Gore continued to grow the magazine beyond its xeroxed roots into a fully printed magazine. Chris Gore moved the magazine to Los Angeles in 1989 and opened an office at the Cherokee Building on Hollywood Boulevard. 22/06/2016 22/06/2016 03/06/2017 The Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI) provides complete bibliographic citations to the contents of scholarly journals published around the world on Latin America and the Caribbean since 1970. Our coverage includes everything from political, economic, and social issues to the arts and humanities. HAPI currently indexes over 380 journals and includes the contents of over 675 journals dating back to our start in the 1970s. Browse our journals to see what we offer. The database is a nonprofit project of the Latin American Institute, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is available through annual subscription. Institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean receive free subscriptions. 21/02/2017 Helinet Aviation Services, headquartered in Van Nuys, California, is a diversified helicopter transportation provider for a wide range of markets, including corporate travel, emergency medical service, electronic news gathering, motion picture, television and commercial production services, and helicopter management services. We have built our reputation on providing our clients with the safest, most responsive, and most reliable rotor wing transportation. For over 25 years, Helinet has been dedicated to meeting every customer’s flight requirement. Throughout the industry, we are known for an unparalleled quality of service, an outstanding safety record, and a highly professional staff. 23/06/2016 08/06/2017 23/03/2017 18/04/2016 The UCDavis Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas is a program of the Hemispheric Institute on the Americas, a research center in the Davis campus of the University of California. CSHRA is coordinated by Almerindo Ojeda, who is assisted in this by a Coordinating Committee. CSHRA also relies for its activities on a dedicated staff and a team of research affiliates which consists of UCDavis staff, students, faculty, and visiting scholars. 28/04/2017 28/04/2017 10/05/2016 09/04/2017 09/04/2017 09/04/2017 02/03/2017 17/01/2017 17/04/2016 25/02/2017 John Campbell. Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Philosophy. University of California at Berkeley. 25/02/2017 All Publications. John Campbell. Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Philosophy. University of California at Berkeley. 21/10/2016 STANFORD HYPNOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY SCALE, FORM C. Andre M. Weitzenhoffer & Ernest R. Hilgard. Stanford University. 13/06/2017 Jed Alexander. I'm an artist, writer and illustrator. I work primarily in the children's and young adult markets. My work has been seen in a variety of publications, including Cricket, and Nickelodeon. I'm currently represented by Abigail Samoun at Red Fox Literary. 10/04/2017 20/09/2016 The King Institute. In 2005, with an initial $1 million endowment pledge from Hall of Fame football star Ronnie Lott and his All Stars Helping Kids organization, Dr. Clayborne Carson founded the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute to provide a permanent financial base for the King Papers Project and a broad range of other educational activities. The Institute also received a substantial endowment gift from The Mumford Family/Agape Foundation. 23/03/2017 18/02/2017 23/08/2016 20/12/2016 06/10/2016 The Department of Mathematics at Berkeley is generally recognized as one of the broadest, liveliest, and most distinguished departments of mathematics in the world. With approximately 55 regular faculty members representing most of the major fields of current research, along with 25 to 30 post-doctoral scholars, 180 graduate students, 500 undergraduate majors, one of the finest mathematics libraries in the nation, and situated in a favorable climate in one of America's most exciting and cosmopolitan centers for mathematics research and teaching, Berkeley has become a favorite location for the study of mathematics by students and faculty from all over the world. 06/10/2016 06/10/2016 06/09/2016 06/09/2016 06/09/2016 02/04/2017 Aaron Hsueh. Professor Of Obstetrics And Gynecology (Reproductive And Stem Cell Biology). Aaron Hsueh is on CAP Network. CAP Network is a virtual workspace, to support collaboration among faculty, graduate students, postdocs and staff. 20/09/2016 MontereyBay provides a local community directory, events calendar, travel guide and visitor information for communities in and around the Monterey Bay Area. You will find links and listings for restaurants, hotels, bars & clubs, golf courses, attractions & activities, wineries, spas & salons, specialty shops and events. 20/09/2016 Big Sur’s rugged shore. Carmel’s bleached sands. Pebble Beach’s gentle tide pools. The Monterey California coast is world-famous for unparalleled scenic beauty. And Monterey’s world-class wines rely on those very same picture-perfect elements... Warm sun, cool fog, ancient soils: essential components all to the winegrower’s art. 22/02/2017 19/04/2016 21/10/2016 Hi! My given name is Gordon Lyon, though I often go by Fyodor on the Internet. I run the Internet security resource sites Insecure.Org, Nmap.Org, SecLists.Org, and SecTools.Org. I also wrote and maintain the Nmap Security Scanner. These projects don't leave me much time to update vanity pages like this one, so you may find a more formal and up-to-date bio on my Wikipedia entry. In case it isn't obvious from my web sites, I am a hacker. The good kind. I enjoy tinkering with computers, exploring networks, pushing hardware and software to its limits, and especially open source programming. 07/10/2016 21/03/2017 21/03/2017 21/03/2017 21/03/2017 21/03/2017 23/06/2016 The Oracle Education Foundation was established in 2000 and initially made hardware grants to US schools that lacked access to technology. From 2003-2013, the Foundation provided ThinkQuest, a comprehensive online learning platform and annual competition that engaged hundreds of thousands of students and educators globally. Visit the ThinkQuest Library archive to see the remarkable work that students authored throughout the program's history. 08/05/2016, the Science of Ornithology (birds) has been consulted by BBC, National Geographic, ABC News,Weather Notebook, Organic Gardening, National Public Radio, Fox TV, National Canadian Television, Vanity Fair Magazine, the Guinness Book of World Records, The Weakest Link, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, NCSI, Real Simple Magazine, the Detroit Free Press, Voice of America, Columbia News Service and many other publications, programs, agencies, and individuals for authoritative information on wild birds. 02/09/2016 Owling. Photos, calls and info on N & C Amer Owls. Enjoy photos, sound recordings, and video of the N&C American owls. Included are species accounts, range maps, checklists, wallpaper and more. If you are wondering what owl is hooting out your window, are a student, hobbyist, or just enjoy the owls and nature... you are in the right place. 03/04/2016 Welcome to the Pacific Coast Air Museum!. Visit PCAM for fun and educational events or visit our museum to enjoy our exhibits and gift shop. We have more than 35 vintage aircraft We have 35 vintage aircraft - many of which you can look inside on our Open Cockpit Weekends, and some you can even climb aboard!. 03/04/2016 The A-26 Invader was purchased by members of the Pacific Coast Air Museum to restore and hopefully fly one day. The costs to restore this beautiful aircraft were too great to make it flyable again, so it is being lovingly restored for static display. 21/08/2016 01/11/2016 06/05/2016 Welcome to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP). From its inception, the SEP was designed so that each entry is maintained and kept up-to-date by an expert or group of experts in the field. All entries and substantive updates are refereed by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board before they are made public. Consequently, our dynamic reference work maintains academic standards while evolving and adapting in response to new research. 25/03/2017 Archives of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Notice: These archives contain periodically fixed editions of the Encyclopedia which may be used for purposes of citation. The content of these editions is neither updated nor modified in any way once the archive is made. The external links (to places on the World Wide Web) and author email addresses contained in the entries of these editions may no longer be functional! 25/03/2017 Richard Rorty’s distinctive and controversial brand of pragmatism expresses itself along two main axes. One is negative---a critical diagnosis of what Rorty takes to be defining projects of modern philosophy. The other is positive---an attempt to show what intellectual culture might look like, once we free ourselves from the governing metaphors of mind and knowledge in which the traditional problems of epistemology and metaphysics (and indeed, in Rorty’s view, the self-conception of modern philosophy) are rooted. 25/03/2017 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Winter 2001 Edition. 25/03/2017 Richard Rorty’s distinctive and controversial brand of pragmatism expresses itself along two main axes. One is negative---a critical diagnosis of what Rorty takes to be defining projects of modern philosophy. The other is positive---an attempt to show what intellectual culture might look like, once we free ourselves from the governing metaphors of mind and knowledge in which the traditional problems of epistemology and metaphysics (and indeed, in Rorty’s view, the self-conception of modern philosophy) are rooted. 25/03/2017 Theodor W. Adorno. First published Mon May 5, 2003; substantive revision Mon Oct 26, 2015. Theodor W. Adorno was one of the most important philosophers and social critics in Germany after World War II. Although less well known among anglophone philosophers than his contemporary Hans-Georg Gadamer, Adorno had even greater influence on scholars and intellectuals in postwar Germany. In the 1960s he was the most prominent challenger to both Sir Karl Popper's philosophy of science and Martin Heidegger's philosophy of existence. Jürgen Habermas, Germany's foremost social philosopher after 1970, was Adorno's student and assistant. 25/03/2017 African Sage Philosophy. First published Tue Feb 14, 2006; substantive revision Mon Feb 22, 2016. “African Sage Philosophy” is the name now commonly given to the body of thought produced by persons considered wise in African communities, and more specifically refers to those who seek a rational foundation for ideas and concepts used to describe and view the world by critically examining the justification of those ideas and concepts. The expression acquired its currency from a project conducted by the late Kenyan philosopher Henry Odera Oruka (1944–1995), whose primary aim was to establish, with evidence, that critical reflection upon themes of fundamental importance has always been the concern of a select few in African societies. 25/03/2017 Aristotle's Biology. First published Wed Feb 15, 2006; substantive revision Tue Jan 31, 2017. Aristotle is properly recognized as the originator of the scientific study of life. This is true despite the fact that many earlier Greek natural philosophers occasionally speculated on the origins of living things and much of the Hippocratic medical corpus, which was written before or during Aristotle’s lifetime, displays a serious interest in human anatomy, physiology and pathology. 25/03/2017 Aristotle's Ethics. First published Tue May 1, 2001; substantive revision Mon Apr 21, 2014. Aristotle conceives of ethical theory as a field distinct from the theoretical sciences. Its methodology must match its subject matter—good action—and must respect the fact that in this field many generalizations hold only for the most part. We study ethics in order to improve our lives, and therefore its principal concern is the nature of human well-being. Aristotle follows Socrates and Plato in taking the virtues to be central to a well-lived life. 25/03/2017 Aristotle's Logic. First published Sat Mar 18, 2000; substantive revision Fri Feb 17, 2017. Aristotle’s logic, especially his theory of the syllogism, has had an unparalleled influence on the history of Western thought. It did not always hold this position: in the Hellenistic period, Stoic logic, and in particular the work of Chrysippus, took pride of place. However, in later antiquity, following the work of Aristotelian Commentators, Aristotle’s logic became dominant, and Aristotelian logic was what was transmitted to the Arabic and the Latin medieval traditions, while the works of Chrysippus have not survived. 14/06/2016 Patriotism. First published Mon Jun 1, 2009; substantive revision Wed May 8, 2013. Patriotism raises questions of the sort philosophers characteristically discuss: How is patriotism to be defined? How is it related to similar attitudes, such as nationalism? What is its moral standing: is it morally valuable or perhaps even mandatory, or is it rather a stance we should avoid?. Yet until a few decades ago, philosophers used to show next to no interest in the subject. 06/05/2016 The Repugnant Conclusion. First published Thu Feb 16, 2006; substantive revision Thu Sep 9, 2010. In Derek Parfit's original formulation the Repugnant Conclusion is characterized as follows: “For any possible population of at least ten billion people, all with a very high quality of life, there must be some much larger imaginable population whose existence, if other things are equal, would be better even though its members have lives that are barely worth living” (Parfit 1984). The Repugnant Conclusion highlights a problem in an area of ethics which has become known as population ethics. 06/05/2016 Bertrand Russell. First published Thu Dec 7, 1995; substantive revision Tue Mar 10, 2015. Bertrand Arthur William Russell (1872–1970) was a British philosopher, logician, essayist and social critic best known for his work in mathematical logic and analytic philosophy. His most influential contributions include his championing of logicism (the view that mathematics is in some important sense reducible to logic), his refining of Gottlob Frege’s predicate calculus (which still forms the basis of most contemporary systems of logic), his defense of neutral monism (the view that the world consists of just one type of substance which is neither exclusively mental nor exclusively physical), and his theories of definite descriptions, logical atomism and logical types. 06/05/2016 Russell's Paradox. First published Fri Dec 8, 1995; substantive revision Thu Jun 26, 2014. Russell's paradox is the most famous of the logical or set-theoretical paradoxes. Also known as the Russell-Zermelo paradox, the paradox arises within naïve set theory by considering the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. Such a set appears to be a member of itself if and only if it is not a member of itself. Hence the paradox. 25/02/2017 The Social Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge. First published Fri Apr 12, 2002; substantive revision Mon Feb 9, 2015. Study of the social dimensions of scientific knowledge encompasses the effects of scientific research on human life and social relations, the effects of social relations and values on scientific research, and the social aspects of inquiry itself. Several factors have combined to make these questions salient to contemporary philosophy of science. These factors include the emergence of social movements, like environmentalism and feminism, critical of mainstream science; concerns about the social effects of science-based technologies; epistemological questions made salient by big science; new trends in the history of science, especially the move away from internalist historiography; anti-normative approaches in the sociology of science; turns in philosophy to naturalism and pragmatism. 11/01/2017 Medieval Semiotics. First published Fri Dec 19, 2003; substantive revision Wed May 11, 2011. This entry intends to give an account of the most important stages of the medieval history of semiotics by providing a general chronological survey of the main sources and theoretical developments of the medieval notion of sign. 11/01/2017 Sortals. First published Thu Feb 9, 2006; substantive revision Thu Jul 28, 2016. The world seems to consist of stuff and things. Some of the stuff composes things—that wood constitutes this ship. Some things endure for a long time—the 2nd century Pantheon building in Rome—others are transient—a sandcastle on the beach. People care, to varying degrees, what kind of thing is being considered, and whether the one they are discussing is the same one. The Pantheon in Rome today is the same one that was there in AD 150; the sandcastle on the beach today, though it is in the same location and looks the same, is not the one the tide washed away last night. Why do we care about objects and not just the stuff? Because objects are stuff with extra properties, properties that often persist and are often useful to know about even if the stuff changes. 11/01/2017 Stoicism. First published Mon Apr 15, 1996; substantive revision Fri Dec 6, 2013. Stoicism was one of the new philosophical movements of the Hellenistic period. The name derives from the porch (stoa poikilê) in the Agora at Athens decorated with mural paintings, where the members of the school congregated, and their lectures were held. Unlike ‘epicurean,’ the sense of the English adjective ‘stoical’ is not utterly misleading with regard to its philosophical origins. The Stoics did, in fact, hold that emotions like fear or envy (or impassioned sexual attachments, or passionate love of anything whatsoever) either were, or arose from, false judgements and that the sage—a person who had attained moral and intellectual perfection—would not undergo them. The later Stoics of Roman Imperial times, Seneca and Epictetus, emphasise the doctrines (already central to the early Stoics' teachings) that the sage is utterly immune to misfortune and that virtue is sufficient for happiness. 11/01/2017 Teleological Notions in Biology. First published Wed Mar 20, 1996; substantive revision Sun May 18, 2003. Teleological terms such as "function" and "design" appear frequently in the biological sciences. Examples of teleological claims include: A (biological) function of stotting by antelopes is to communicate to predators that they have been detected. Eagles' wings are (naturally) designed for soaring. Teleological notions were commonly associated with the pre-Darwinian view that the biological realm provides evidence of conscious design by a supernatural creator. Even after creationist viewpoints were rejected by most biologists there remained various grounds for concern about the role of teleology in biology, including whether such terms are: vitalistic (positing some special "life-force"); requiring backwards causation (because future outcomes explain present traits); incompatible with mechanistic explanation (because of 1 and 2); mentalistic (attributing the action of mind where there is none); empirically untestable (for all the above reasons). 11/01/2017 Terrorism. First published Mon Oct 22, 2007; substantive revision Mon Feb 23, 2015. Before the terrorist attacks in the United States on 11 September 2001, the subject of terrorism did not loom large in philosophical discussion. Philosophical literature in English amounted to a few monographs and a single collection of papers devoted solely, or largely, to questions to do with terrorism. Articles on the subject in philosophy journals were few and far between; neither of the two major philosophy encyclopedias had an entry. The attacks of September 11 and their aftermath put terrorism on the philosophical agenda: it is now the topic of numerous books, journal articles, special journal issues, and conferences. 14/01/2015 Given that speakers of a language sometimes assert falsehoods and fail to be sincere, under what conditions, if any, is someone's word alone sufficient to justify the beliefs a hearer acquires from those assertions? Of course, besides the word of the speaker, hearers also causally depend in believing testimony on other fundamental sources of knowledge like perception, memory, learning, and inference. Can the reliability of testimony be justified by appeal to these sources? This question represents the dominant epistemological problem of testimony—is testimony an autonomous source of epistemic authority? Reductionists answer negatively. They are opposed by anti-reductionists who hold, characteristically on a priori grounds, that testimony is a source of warrant in itself, not reducible to warrant derived from these other sources, even if empirically dependent on them. 14/01/2015 Samuel Ibn Tibbon (c. 1165–1232) was a translator, philosopher, and philosophical commentator on the Bible. He is most famous for his translation of Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed from Arabic into Hebrew, but he translated other works by Maimonides, and produced the first Hebrew versions of Aristotle and Averroes. In addition to his work as translator, Ibn Tibbon was an original author in his own right. He wrote the first full Aristotelian/Maimonidean explication of the biblical book Ecclesiastes, a philosophical-exegetical monograph entitled Ma’amar Yiqqawu ha-Mayim, and several smaller philosophical-exegetical treatises and epistles. His work was especially important in his native southern France (“Provence”), but he had significant influence also on Jewish philosophy and exegesis in Italy, Byzantium, and Spain, through the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth centuries. He is rightfully considered the founder of Maimonideanism, a philosophical-exegetical movement in medieval Judaism. 14/01/2015 This entry is in four parts. The first part addresses the question what is torture?; the second part, what is wrong with torture?; the third part, is torture ever morally justifiable?; and the last part, should torture ever be legalised or otherwise institutionalised?. In relation to the definition of torture, there are now a number of contemporary philosophical accounts on offer, notably those of Davis (2005) and Sussman (2005). Moreover, there are numerous detailed discussions of what is wrong with torture (Shue (1978); Miller (2005) and (2009); Waldron (2005); Luban (2005); Sussman (2005); Matthews (2008); Brecher (2008)). Useful collections of essays on this and related topics are Levinson (2004) and Rodin (2007). 12/10/2015 Trust is important, but it is also dangerous. It is important because it allows us to form relationships with people and to depend on them—for love, for advice, for help with our plumbing, or what have you—especially when we know that no outside force compels them to give us such things. But trust also involves the risk that people we trust will not pull through for us; for, if there were some guarantee that they would pull through, then we would have no need to trust them. Thus, trust is also dangerous. What we risk while trusting is the loss of the things that we entrust to others, including our self-respect, perhaps, which can be shattered by the betrayal of our trust. 12/10/2015 The topic of type theory is fundamental both in logic and computer science. We limit ourselves here to sketch some aspects that are important in logic. For the importance of types in computer science, we refer the reader for instance to Reynolds 1983 and 1985. 12/10/2015 There is wide agreement that a term is vague to the extent that it has borderline cases. This makes the notion of a borderline case crucial in accounts of vagueness. I shall concentrate on an historical characterization of borderline cases that most commentators would accept. Vagueness will then be contrasted with ambiguity and generality. This will clarify the nature of the philosophical challenge posed by vagueness. I will then discuss some rival theories of vagueness with an emphasis on many-valued logic, supervaluationism and contextualism. I will conclude with the issue of whether all vagueness is linguistic. 12/10/2015 War should be understood as an actual, intentional and widespread armed conflict between political communities. Thus, fisticuffs between individual persons do not count as a war, nor does a gang fight, nor does a feud on the order of the Hatfields versus the McCoys. War is a phenomenon which occurs only between political communities, defined as those entities which either are states or intend to become states (in order to allow for civil war). Classical war is international war, a war between different states, like the two World Wars. But just as frequent is war within a state between rival groups or communities, like the American Civil War. Certain political pressure groups, like terrorist organizations, might also be considered “political communities,” in that they are associations of people with a political purpose and, indeed, many of them aspire to statehood or to influence the development of statehood in certain lands. 12/10/2015 Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947) was a British mathematician, logician and philosopher best known for his work in mathematical logic and the philosophy of science. In collaboration with Bertrand Russell, he co-authored the landmark three-volume Principia Mathematica (1910, 1912, 1913). Later he was instrumental in pioneering the approach to metaphysics now known as process philosophy. Although there are important continuities throughout his career, Whitehead's intellectual life is often divided into three main periods. The first corresponds roughly to his time at Cambridge, from 1884 to 1910. 27/01/2016 John Wyclif's Political Philosophy. The central idea of Wyclif's political philosophy is that the dominium defining God's primary relation to creation justifies all human dominium, whether it be the mastery of a king, a lesser civil lord, or a priest. But unlike predecessors who were content to define God's mastery as foundational to human lordship in non-metaphysical terms, Wyclif made ready use of his realist ontology to argue that God's dominium functions as a universal by causality for all instances of just human dominium. 22/04/2016 14/07/2016 Project Censored educates students and the public about the importance of a truly free press for democratic self-government. We expose and oppose news censorship and we promote independent investigative journalism, media literacy, and critical thinking. In 1976, Dr. Carl Jensen founded Project Censored at Sonoma State University as a media research program with a focus on student development of media literacy and critical thinking skills as applied to the news media censorship in the US. 03/04/2016 The Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH) at San Diego State University (SDSU) was founded in 1980 as part of the university’s new focus on health and human services. One of four nationally accredited schools of public health in California, and located in one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse areas in the country, the GSPH provides many opportunities for education, research, and community involvement to advance the state of knowledge in different health disciplines and to improve the population’s health. 09/01/2017 09/01/2017 09/01/2017 03/08/2017 12/09/2016 Revmaster Aviation is known worldwide as the manufacturer of precision-built sport aircraft engines. The Revmaster R-2100 engine has proven to be an extremely reliable and most economical propulsion system through thousands of accumulated hours powering hundreds of various sport aircraft in all parts of the world. Revmaster was established in 1959 for the purpose of producing remanufactured Volkswagen engines for the automotive market. 31/03/2016 Welcome to Jeffrey's Japanese <-> English Dictionary Server!. The main attractions here are the Japanese/English English/Japanese word lists (i.e. dictionaries - words, names, legal terms, and life-science terms, etc.), and the database of kanji information. In addition, some might find value in the general descriptions of Japanese writing and encoding. 26/03/2017 08/04/2017 28/09/2016 The San Francisco Media Archive is a non-profit institution dedicated to acquiring, preserving and making available film and related media materials to historians, researchers, imagemakers and the general public. 16/04/2017 02/04/2017 The goals of the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) are to design, validate and freely disseminate knowledge. Our Resource specifically provides portable online aids for probability and statistics education, technology based instruction and statistical computing. SOCR tools and resources include a repository of interactive applets, computational and graphing tools, instructional and course materials. 02/04/2017 Alan H. Nelson. I am Professor Emeritus in the Department of English at the University of California, Berkeley. My specializations are paleography, bibliography, and the reconstruction of the literary life and times of medieval and Renaissance England from documentary sources. 02/04/2017 Ancient Greek Tutorials, by Donald J. Mastronarde with the assistance of the Berkeley Language Center of the University of California, Berkeley. This site is made available to all users by the courtesy of the University of California Press. Since the Berkeley Language Center is ceasing media duplication, it is no longer possible to order a CD-ROm of these tutorials. Instead, as of September 2009, for users who want to use the tutorials without being connected to the internet, Release 1.5 has been prepared as a ZIP archive that may be downloaded. 02/04/2017 Cultural Analysis. From its inception, Cultural Analysis has embraced new models for scholarly publication. The editors intend the journal's dual publication format to help fulfill its mission to make high-level folklore scholarship as widely available as possible to the international scholarly community. Unlike traditional journals, CA does not maintain a subscription base, and instead is freely available to anyone with an internet connection. 02/04/2017 HUBERT L. DREYFUS. PhD, Harvard University, 1964. Professor in the Graduate School. His major interests are phenomenology, existentialism, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of literature, and philosophical implications of artificial intelligence. Philosophy Department. UC Berkeley College of Letters and Science. 05/04/2016 02/04/2017 Being and Power: Heidegger and Foucault. Hubert L. Dreyfus. At the heart of Heidegger's thought is the notion of being, and the same could be said of power in the works of Foucault. The history of being gives Heidegger a perspective from which to understand how in our modern world things have been turned into objects. Foucault transforms Heidegger's focus on things to a focus on selves and how they became subjects. 05/04/2016 02/04/2017 Hubert Dreyfus, Professor of Philosophy in the Graduate School. The Department of Philosophy. University of California, Berkeley. Recent Papers. 05/04/2016 25/10/2016 06/06/2017 06/06/2017 04/07/2016 04/07/2016 02/04/2017 The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) includes eight departments and functions that directly report to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (AVC-IT & CIO). These reporting units include more than 330 staff and 30 student employees. The AVC-IT & CIO directly manages an operating budget of approximately $55 million which includes about $35 million of recharge revenue, and $1-2 million in grants and contracts. View the OCIO organizational chart. The AVC-IT & CIO is responsible for the strategic oversight of campus-wide information technology (IT). 27/03/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 25/02/2017 07/07/2016 UCSB Philosophy Blog. Members of the UCSB Department of Philosophy and anyone else are welcome to talk philosophy with us. Bring your own brain. 07/07/2016 The University California, San Diego is one of the world's leading public research universities, located in beautiful La Jolla, California. 07/07/2016 LibGuides at University of California San Diego. 21/08/2016 02/02/2017 Medieval Science & Scientific Instruments. Richard A. Paselk. Humboldt State University. Department of Chemistry. 03/04/2016 This comprehensive site about John Muir was initially launched in 1994, and it is still continually being updated and new additions are being made on a regular basis. Check our What's New section, below. Acknowledgements and off-site links, are provided on Website Resources. Students & Teachers: Note our extensive Educational Resources, assisting both teachers and students from grade school to graduate school, from home-schoolers to life-long learners of all ages.